INSTRUCTIONS: A Parking Disclosure map is required for Accesory Homestay permit applications:

  • Access the tool menu located at the top left hand corner of your screen, select the three horizontal lines to reveal the Markup Tool option provided in the dropdown menu.
  • Next, utilize the Markup Tools Widget exposed on the right side of your screen to generate a point for each parking spot.
  • Return to the tool menu and select the Print Utility to generate a pdf map export. Fill out the Title and Author forms to associate the map to your permit application then click the Export button.
  • A hyperlink with the Title name as entered on the print form will appear once the map has been generated. Click this link to download the map to a location on your computer that you will navigate to when uploading the map to your permit application.
    Return to your permit and attach the exported pdf map when requested. Thank you.

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